Posted by: John Looker | 26 June, 2022

Ibn Battuta Flies the Nest

I am posting some of the poems from my recent collection Shimmering Horizons, and here is the second – about the famous Islamic explorer at the point of a momentous decision. The theme of the book is the journey, the quest, the odyssey.

The poem above is taken from Part III: Into that Silent Sea — a celebration of ten great historic or legendary travellers from every continent of the world. I’m posting one each week.

There are more extracts from Shimmering Horizons on a dedicated page of this blog: one poem from each of the seven parts of the book.

Shimmering Horizons was published in 2022 by Bennison Books and is available through Amazon at minimal price. In Britain it may be borrowed through public libraries from the National Poetry Library.



  1. Such a gifted writer, John. I’m so pleased to be able to read what you write. I do love stories about people and you cause them to shine.

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    • Hello Renée. That’s really nice of you – thank you so much! Next weekend I’ll post the next poem in the sequence which is about the courage of the Jewish heroine Ruth. I hope you will enjoy that as well. Best wishes, John

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