Posted by: John Looker | 29 June, 2022

Ruth on the Road to Judah

I am posting a poem each week from my recent book – poems on the theme of the journey, the quest, the odyssey. Here’s the third.

This poem about the great Jewish heroine is taken from Part III: Into that Silent Sea — ten poems about legendary travellers from around the world. Together they explore the emotions at different stages of a typical journey.

There are more extracts from Shimmering Horizons on a dedicated page of this blog: one poem from each of the seven parts of the book.

Shimmering Horizons was published in 2022 by Bennison Books and is available through Amazon at minimal price. In Britain it may be borrowed through public libraries from the National Poetry Library.


  1. John, I just love this poem! Thank you for blessing me with it today! “And the road home tugging like an umbilical cord.”

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    • Thank you Julie – I’m especially fond of this one myself and I do so appreciate your telling me how you like it too!


  2. a wonderful rendition of Ruth’s story – “For wherever you go, I will go;
    And wherever you lodge, I will lodge;
    Your people shall be my people”
    Your poetry speaks volumes(!) and I have just ordered the book

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    • Laura, thank you so much for this comment and especially for ordering a copy of the book. I do hope you like it. I’ve just been looking again at your own blog, this time at the biography bit, and I see that you mention synaesthesia – a frame of mind I share, and one inherited by a granddaughter; I sometimes wonder if it plays into my handling of poetry. All the best, John


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