Posted by: John Looker | 10 May, 2015

The Young Philosopher Takes A Break


(For Charlotte)

“But what are they for?” she asked with a frown,
batting one off with her hand.
“Bees are for honey and pollinating;
these I don’t understand.”

“And what about you?” retorted the wasp,
its intellect under-rated.
“I’m made in the image of God myself;
I’ve scripture wherein it is stated.”

The sun was too hot for further debate,
 her book a compelling attraction.
All this teleology soon made her groan; 
she let the theology drop like a stone –
but the apple remained in contention.

© John Looker 2015

This poem was not written for any purpose; it sort of happened.


  1. The best things are
    the ones that just happen
    very good John

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  2. I always treasure the ones that “sort of happen.” But you had me sitting here pondering the “purposes” of poems for awhile…. And when I was done, I thought of Donne, and the aptness of form and content in this poem, and how it is a true delight…. Love it, John.

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  3. I’m happy to see you vexed by such notions, John!

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  4. ‘Sort of happened’ is good, coming from within

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  5. Hi John, a lovely poem again. Those bees and the apple and Adam and Eve… 🙂 I used to not like bees because of a sting but if I don’t have them on my skin, it’s okay these days. They do so much for nature!

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  6. I like it, too. The apple is surprising…brings with it a whole tree, a whole blossoming tree.

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  7. Reblogged this on chithankalai.


    • Thank you Krishna – I appreciate that.


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