Posted by: John Looker | 20 January, 2023

The Day of El Dorado

This poem looks at contemporary ambitions to contact other worlds in the cosmos against the backcloth of our own history: the conquest of indigenous American civilisations by an alien European people.

I’m grateful to the editors of Moss Piglet, a literary and arts journal in Wisconsin, for publishing it in their January issue.

I’m also grateful to Tom Davis in Wisconsin who encouraged me to submit to them.

Moss Piglet, I’ve discovered, is a lively and original publication. Primarily a print journal, past issues can also be found online at



  1. How absolutely wonderful, John. Both the poem and the presentation of it on the page. Fantastic to see this :). Will share on the BB FB page.

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    • Thanks Bennison Books – that’s so supportive. As ever!


  2. how appealing that ‘spot of auspicious coordinates”, John. You have summoned Incas with a plunge into future continents – there is a sense of foreboding at the end as surely all futures hold for us, being unknown
    p.s. I followed the link and was impressed with the scope of the Moss Piglet publication – a rightful place for your writings

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    • Hi Laura. It’s very nice to hear from you, and I’m touched that the poem rang true for you. Yes, Moss Piglet is an unusual publication with its art as well as poetry and fiction. Best wishes J


  3. Such a wonderful poem, you evoke the time and place so well and with a splendid ending. Let us hope that any interstellar visitors are not wanting to fill empty holds…

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    • Yes, let’s hope for that! And thanks so much for your kind comment.

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