Posted by: John Looker | 23 November, 2022

Showcasing our authors – John Looker: journeying through life

Showcasing our authors – John Looker: journeying through life
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I’m most grateful to Bennison Books for publishing Shimmering Horizons, and for their continued support.

They are steadily promoting works that they have published from their different authors.

Here they are introducing my last book, reproducing its opening poem from the series about a 21st century quest.



  1. Punished, John? I know how it feels.

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    • Ha! Thanks for pointing this out Stephen. Typo now corrected: ‘published’!

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  2. so well-deserved John – am enjoying your poems in this book immensely – there is a constancy of voice as each crosses another horizon

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    • Thanks Laura. I really appreciate that. Reader feedback is always helpful and especially from you.


      • more than happy to give feedback John otherwise publishing would feel a little like sending out a message in bottle and wondering if anyone has found it to read

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  3. Wonderful! Congratulations.

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    • Thanks so much Elizabeth. I greatly appreciate your support.


  4. Quite an honor.

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