Posted by: John Looker | 21 August, 2022

The Death of Pocahontas

     'In her delirium she walked again the coast
where she was born; paddled its lagoons and creeks;'

This draws to a close the sequence of poems that I’ve been posting about legendary travellers – each poem shows its protagonist at a different stage along an archetypal journey. This one was first published by Artemis (Virginia USA).

These ten poems form Part III of Shimmering Horizons. There are extracts from other parts of the book on a dedicated page of this blog.

Shimmering Horizons was published in 2022 by Bennison Books and is available through Amazon at minimal price. In Britain it may be borrowed through public libraries from the National Poetry Library.



  1. what an ending you wrote!


    • Thanks Laura! And thank you for reading it.


  2. John, I loved this gem! Your contemplative imagination wedded with your way with images and words has created a very precious entry into reality here. Thank you for this being my “poem of the day”. I, like many young American girls, was in love with Pocahontas. This touches my old lady heart with that love again.
    Thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Julie, that’s really nice of you. Thanks. I’m not surprised that you and other American girls felt felt a bit in love with Pocahontas: the more I red about her the more I felt in awe. Being a Londoner (more or less) I can picture the places she saw and Gravesend where she died.


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