Posted by: John Looker | 24 April, 2022

A haiku for Spring (2)

The bluebells are back.

Their caravan pauses here;

they know this place.

© John Looker 2020

Yesterday’s walk was magical. I can now repost this annual Spring verse.


  1. Beautifully written, nice picture ❤️


  2. Brief poems can often say so much.

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    • Thank you Brian. That’s a great compliment.


  3. Wonderful photo. Wonderful haiku.

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  4. lovely, John.

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  5. Hi John and Happy Monday!! That’s great – really like the image of the bluebells journeying through time then making their brief yearly stop at a caravanserai. Following you on Twitter as @ridesnapwrite


    • Good to see you here David, and thanks for your intuitive comment on the haiku. Have a good Monday!

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  6. Even though I’m not a great haiku fan, your bluebells and snowdrop haikus prove the validity of the form!

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  7. An air of enchantment seems to hang over your bluebell wood, as pictured. And the caravan metaphor works well in your delightful spring verse.

    We have bluebells out on Halkyn Mountain too.

    My very best,



    • Hi Paul, and thanks for your comment. Yes, is something enchanting about the haze of bluebells in our woods. I’m glad you have plenty in Wales too. I don’t know how far north they extend, whether they are as plentiful in Scotland for instance. All the best, John

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  8. They are so beautiful.


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