Posted by: John Looker | 9 April, 2022

Conversation with a Sea Lion

This poem was Highly Commended in a New Zealand international competition:

This was the Caselberg Trust International Poetry Competition, 2020. I’ve tried to find a journal in Aotearoa/New Zealand that would publish it but have had no luck – so it’s time to post it here.

It was read beautifully by the Kiwi actor, writer and TV presenter Peter Hayden at the results night in Dunedin (I have video of this) and the Caselberg Trust were most gracious in welcoming my two NZ daughters to the event.


  1. I tried that with a shark once, but he just looked at me, hungrily.

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  2. It should be published, John. Such peacefulness and beauty in every line. Communing with Nature and I so love all that is Nature, the ocean is a go to place of mine…if only in my ‘mind’ now. Take care.

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    • Thanks so much for these thoughts Renée. So glad it spoke to you too. No chance of publication sadly, although I tried five titles.

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      • I rather stopped trying so that is why I publish on my site. A smaller audience but appreciative just the same.


        • You’re very sensible. And of course you have plenty of appreciative readers there.


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