Posted by: John Looker | 20 March, 2022

Helen of Troy

Sometimes a poem by one writer inspires a new poem from another. To my astonishment, this has happened to a poem of mine.

Here, therefore, is a ‘conversation of poems’.

Erika Bizzarri (who has become a friend through WordPress) has taken my poem about Helen of Troy (in my book Shimmering Horizons) and used it as a launch pad for a fresh poem of her own. Erika’s fills in the imagined scene with rich details that take it in new directions.

Please take a look at this post from Erika Bizzarri (click on the title ‘Helen of Troy’ below to follow the link) :–

Helen of Troy


  1. My poem would not have been had it not been for yours. Love the idea of a “conversation of poems”. Hope to continue the conversation.

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  2. John, it is remarkable to have a poem inspired by a poem where the original is not cribbed or satirized but both stand on their own. I enjoyed both poems immensely. Such “methodology” is not only a tribute to the original but a source of new creative inspiration.

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    • Thanks a lot Bruce. I’m really pleased that you feel this way – Erika’s poem, I thought, brought fresh insights and elaborations to the theme. A true conversation.

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