Posted by: John Looker | 10 December, 2021

At the sixth milestone

Arriving at the sixth weekend in this series, we reach the conclusion of my ‘milestone’ poems:

These half-sonnets mark the start of each new group of poems in my recent collection Shimmering Horizons.

At the first milestone we had read ‘That’s the bell! And thirty fledglings rise / as though one flock and surge for the classroom door … ‘

Published recently by Bennison Books through Amazon, Shimmering Horizons has the theme of the journey, the quest, the odyssey.

If you are curious to read more, there is a selection of the poems on my website at



  1. I like how the rhymes are not predictably adjacent, and yet create the musical language.

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    • Thanks for that Brian – this was the effect I was aiming for, so I am especially pleased that it worked for you.

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  2. John – I don’t know how I missed these last 5 of the 6 milestones. I blame Word Press but will have to be more diligent in the future! I think they’re simply terrific. In the 6th one I was half expecting “A cold coming we had of it” but it was of a similar standard! Marvellous!

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    • That’s most kind Bruce, thank you. Of course they can each be read as a stand-alone poem (they are half sonnets). Or they can be read as six stanzas in a single poem – or as I envisaged them as milestones along the way, marking off the stages in the journey through the book. People often talk about a poetry’collection’ but this isn’t a collection: although each of the seventy poems can be taken on its own, the book was constructed as a single entity. It took me seven years but I had great pleasure in the journey!

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  3. Half sonnets – I love the idea. And yes, they do stand alone.

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  4. Just ordered your book, John.

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    • My word, that’s a wonderful encouragement to me. Thank you Cynthia. I think – I hope! – you will enjoy it. Warmest wishes, John

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      • I have enjoyed all your poems so far, so I know I will enjoy the book. In fact, I will probably gift copies to others too.


      • Funny – I thought about both Cynthia and you on the weekend, then came across your post today. And stopped to read a few poems. And was moved to buy the book.


        • I like to think about Cynthia too. I have read her poetry at a poetry group here in England.

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  5. Truthful poem. For me it is not easy with poems as I’m not a native english speaker. I feel poems are harder to grasp than conventional text when not a native speaker. ( I dont know why.)
    But this one catches me.


    • Thank you – I appreciate that.
      By the way, I recommend your own blog to others: your drawings are remarkable and a forceful comment on the times we live in.


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