Posted by: John Looker | 2 December, 2021

At the fifth milestone

Week five, and here’s the penultimate ‘milestone’ poem taken from my book Shimmering Horizons :

The mood has changed in the course of these milestones, which began with children ‘trilling their joy in the moment’. But there is one more to come – next weekend will see how the mood resolves.

Shimmering Horizons (Bennison Books 2015) contains seventy poems on the theme of the journey, the quest, the odyssey. I’ve posted one poem from each of the seven sections at


  1. Beautiful.

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  2. That certainly is “penultimate.” I agree with Cynthia: beautiful.

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  3. Another of my favorites, John!

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  4. Thanks Betty, you are a marvellous encouragement. The sixth milestone is due this morning.
    (I hope you are safe and sound over there – the news is full of the most appalling storms across the USA)


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