Posted by: John Looker | 26 November, 2021

At the fourth milestone

It’s the fourth weekend, and here’s the fourth ‘milestone’ poem from my recent book. Do we detect a shift in mood?

Published by the marvellous small press Bennison Books, Shimmering Horizons is selling slowly but has now been bought in seven countries, four continents and two hemispheres – which seems pleasingly appropriate for a book with the theme of the journey, the quest, the odyssey.

These ‘milestones’ mark off key stages through the book. You can catch a flavour of the other poems from a selection I’ve posted at

Two more milestones to come.



  1. I stumbled at the word “armour”. Maybe you intended that? I thought, perhaps donning armour, and a beautiful covering denoting one’s tribe, might be a problem.

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    • You’re very perceptive of course Brian. I wanted to stay clear of the Crusaders, as you would imagine. I had in mind Arthurian knights and Romance chevaliers setting out to contend with monsters, rescuing the helpless. Is it possible to look at it through these rose tinted glasses do you think?


  2. So glad to hear your book is selling around the world, John!

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    • Thanks Betty – selling slowly, I would emphasise, but ‘worldwide’! And no doubt partly due to your kindness in posting a review on Amazon. 💐


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