Posted by: John Looker | 31 October, 2021

How the Dead Spoke to Odyssea

My offering for Hallowe’en! :

In my poem How the Dead Spoke to Odyssea , poignant messages on voicemail give a 21st century take on how the souls in the underworld once spoke to Odysseus.

Here’s an extract:

This comes from a sequence of poems in which highlights from Homer’s Odyssey feature Odyssea, our contemporary.

And this sequence is part of Shimmering Horizons – published by Bennison Books – poems on the theme of the journey, the quest, the odyssey. If you would like a sample of the poems, please see :


  1. The dead speaking through email, very unexpected. Reminds me of that movie…. I see dead people.

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  2. Hi Brian. Thanks for commenting – it’s good to hear from you.


  3. This is most moving, John — one of so many remarkable poems in your wonderful book! (I’ve been reading “Shimmering Horizons” slowly, savoring each poem, and had not yet come to this final chapter. Am planning to review your book on Amazon eventually. Five stars of course! 😊 )

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    • That’s most kind Betty, and immensely rewarding – thank you so much.
      And I too, as you know, have long been enjoying the poetry on your own blog.
      It’s late here in Britain – enjoy the rest of your day!

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