Posted by: John Looker | 31 July, 2021

A new publication …

Three big cheers for small Indy publishers!!!

Bennison Books have very kindly agreed to publish this new poetry collection for me – now at the proof-reading stage. There’s a lot of work in publishing – and the team at Bennison Books are some of the best!

I don’t expect my WordPress friends to order copies : there’s so much poetry published and however good it is we can’t all buy all of it. So my plan is to post a selection of the poems here over the coming weeks.

Shimmering Horizons has a theme: the journey, the quest, the odyssey. The book is in seven parts covering some historic journeys, an update of Sir Galahad’s quest for the holy grail, a similar update of Homer’s Odyssey (but with a woman as the central heroic figure) and poems about the metaphorical journey of childhood, midlife and old age.

I’ll post one poem from each section. Meanwhile, have a good weekend everyone.


  1. Wonderful news, John–congratulations!

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  2. congratulations, John. How wonderful that your words are blessing the world.

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    • Hello Julie – how good to see you here, and thank you!


  3. Great news — congratulations! I look forward to reading your new book.

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  4. Congratulations John! I’ve yet to try to compile any of my writing to endeavor publication as it does seem, as you have said, there is simply too much writing out there and especially on our internet world…of which has not felt exactly real to me at times. Perhaps, it’s my age. Not sure. I do look forward to reading those you post.

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    • Thanks Renee. It’s good that you have readers here – for years this was the only place my poetry found anyone who might read it, and I was very happy with that. But i must say that having the opportunity of a book meant at last that I could spread myself across a book-length theme (first with the Human Hive and now with Shimmering Horizons). Still, three cheers for blogs and the internet!

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      • Thank you John and yes it is nice I do have someplace for it to be seen but I often think…at some point…that a book would be nice. I do like what you have done with your themes. Cheers!

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  5. Excellent John. Let me know when/where it’s available.

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    • Many thanks Tom. How are you? You have another play in rehearsal don’t you?


  6. Tell me when it is out, I’ll be queuing up for a copy.

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  7. Very proud to publish your poetry, John. And really looking forward to seeing this brilliant collection out in the world 🙂

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    • Thanks so much for publishing me again – you’re a brilliant team! 😊


  8. Congratulations, John. Look forward to reading it.

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  9. 😊


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