Posted by: John Looker | 2 July, 2021

Summer is bee heaven

Summer is bee heaven

Their dark nursery forgotten

Horizon unknown

(c) John Looker 2021


  1. I rarely comment… the shorter the text is the stronger the words are!

    L’été est le paradis des abeilles
    Sombres berceaux oubliés
    – Horizons inconnus

    Inspiring 3 lines poem thank you John!


    • Merci beaucoup Frédéric! Ça c’est la premiere fois que j’aie vu ma poésie en traduction.

      It’s a first – and I am honoured. It sounds great in French too!


  2. Lovely haiku, John. The landscape photo reminds me of Monet’s ‘The Poppy Field’. It was a favourite painting of my dear Mum and Dad’s. They had a gilt-framed print, which now hangs over my desk as I write these words. “Horizon unknown” – yes!

    Best always,


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    • Thanks Paul. I know what you mean about Monet. My mother in law had the same picture.

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