Posted by: John Looker | 30 April, 2021

Listen to Cynthia Jobin’s poetry readings

Cynthia Jobin The outstanding New England poet Cynthia Jobin recorded many readings of her own poetry before her death in late 2016. Now, thanks to …

Listen to Cynthia Jobin’s poetry readings


  1. I have many of these on a CD that came with her first book of poetry A Certain Age, and I love to hear her voice as she reads these wonderful poems.

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    • Yes I have the CD too Hilary. Bruce has done a wonderful job garnering her more recent poems.

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  2. Thank you, John, for spreading the word. This is just wonderful news!! Don’t we so wish that we had William Stafford, or Elizabeth Barrett Browning, or
    ee cummings, or T.S. Eliot, or Emily Dickinson, or Sara Teasdale, or Edna St. Vincent Millay or so many others voices available to “sing” their poetry to us…..well, Mary Oliver had the good sense to offer us that generous gift, as did Cynthia Jobin…..and who else do you know who did us that favor?

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    • You are right Julie – it’s so good to have access still to Cynthia’s reading. Perhaps this will become the norm in future, who knows, but for now we are pleased that she recorded her own voice – and thankful that Bruce Goodman collected those recordings.


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