Posted by: John Looker | 5 February, 2021

Snowdrops are breaking cover


Snowdrops are breaking cover.

They are reconnoitring,

filing their reports.


©John Looker 2021


  1. “Gathering strength
    For the big push”

    Good to hear from you John, hows things?


  2. Hi John,

    I love snowdrops for their own sake, such plucky little blooms signalling the approach of spring. But I also have a personal reason, which the military imagery in your haiku links into.

    Snowdrops were the favourite wildflower of my wonderful Grandad Dawson, a First World War hero, who was mentioned in dispatches and won the Military Medal “for bravery in the field.” He survived the war uninjured, became a Chief Inspector with the Lancashire Constabulary, and died on 1st May 1975, aged 82.

    The greatest compliment ever paid me was that I’m very like him. Actually though, he had more hair on top than me!

    Best always,


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    • It’s good to hear from you Paul, and thanks for sharing this memory – a rather precious reminiscence of a true hero. You probably have more of him in you than you dare to acknowledge.

      In my case, I was named John after a grandfather who died in the London Blitz. I adopted his surname Looker as a pen name in tribute. Who knows how much we inherit?

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  3. Thought to make a visit. I should more often as I do love your way of writing. You bring Nature to life in a way that is both real and refreshing…personalities plus! I love that. Take care.

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    • Thank you Renee – that’s most encouraging! You too, take care and stay well.

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      • If you find me encouraging, I am honored as you are a gifted writer who seems to write we ease and confidence. I admire you, John.


        • That really is most kind. Like you, Renee, I write because I enjoy doing so!

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  4. Exquisite as always, John. Thank you.


    • Thanks Nick. It was good to see you on the Zoom poetry launch over the weekend. I was a bit slow realising who was speaking to me at the very start, with the different faces popping up on screen, which is why I looked a bit stupid! 🤪


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