Posted by: John Looker | 31 August, 2020

Summer rain



There are certain summer mornings when the rain drifts

sideways, almost a mist, and all is doused

in a wash of silvers and greys: colours from a palette

of pebble and lichen, herring gull and trout.


Sun hats are thrown aside

in favour of anoraks. Plans

are revised. Do we miss the sun?

The primary blue, the glare?


Well, yes. But the air is fresh and sweet and raindrops cling

to wires and glistening leaves. Snails will inch

out from the hedges shining, while we just drift

idly: from breakfast … to morning coffee … to lunch.



(A poem from 2010. But I reproduce it here at the end of a remarkably wet August in England!)



  1. This morning was exactly such a morning here. A beautiful piece that perfectly reflects the peace of a day. Well done!


    • Thank you Sarah … so you had just this kind of morning too!


  2. Beautiful lyric, John. Just beautiful.


  3. Thanks John, your words describe our August only ours is moldy, soggy, and weeds growing faster than we can beat them back. Enjoy the journey.


    • Not anonymous, click before I filled in info, cheers ~ Don H


    • It’s good to hear from you Don. Thanks. What strange weather you describe!


  4. Love your poem, John. A beautiful write about nature for which I have a strong passion. Be well.

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  5. Thank you Renee, it’s good to hear that the poem works for you.


  6. I love this one, especially the palette of colours. Although, we’ve just had a little bit more rain than you describe here on our walking holiday in Snowdonia…..


  7. Hi John, ‘Summer Rain’ is a cracking poem and I’ve much enjoyed it.

    It can be a pain, the rain, sure; a spoiler of plans, yes. But sheltering beneath an umbrella or porch, I love it! Those gurgling gullies; beaded, bejewelled raindrops; and the smell of it kissing earth.

    Nice when the sun comes out though!




    • Hi Paul. Thank you, it’s good to hear from you and yes you’ve caught the spirit of such a day exactly! All the best, John

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  8. A thoroughly enjoyable poem, John. Such lovely images!


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