Posted by: John Looker | 25 March, 2020

Working from home? A poem

Already with this coronavirus pandemic, many of us are holding meetings by video conference, telephone, email – and I even know of one meeting held through the open window of a car. This poem catches that spirit:




This conference – by videophones –
would stop Marco Polo in his tracks,
take the wind out of Columbus’ sails,
and has messed up meal times
in five separate time zones.           

Dinner in Shanghai
but breakfast on Wall Street.
Luncheon in London’s City
and in Frankfurt am Main. 
Tea in Mumbai.

Listen! … so what do you think?
There it is again:
the delicate sound of a glass
on a glass – a clink,
a disembodied clink!



© John Looker 2015.

This poem was published in The Human Hive (Bennison Books, 2015). You can read a selection of poems from the book on a dedicated page of my blog at




  1. One of my favourites from this remarkable book, and how prescient.

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  2. I like this very much, John. Here I am in lockdown. Clink!

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  3. Both well-written and a very fitting piece for the times – both my work life and personal life are now relegated to texts, emails, and Zoom meetings (true of so many, I’m sure). Wishing you well, John!


  4. Hi John,

    ‘Mercury’ is a poem for today certainly!

    With coronavirus on the rampage, we’re pretty much in lockdown here in the UK too. My partner Maureen and I live on the side of Halkyn Mountain in Wales. Spring has arrived with gorgeous birdsong and sunny views over the Dee Estuary below. Yet, with hardly anyone about, a weird atmosphere prevails. An atmosphere akin to that of a disaster movie!

    Every news programme brings fresh horrors. But staying positive and keeping our spirits up, are psychological imperatives. Reading your poem, I chuckle!

    Keep safe, stay healthy,



  5. John, I must have had a “senior moment” there, forgetting you are UK based yourself – sorry! Paul

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  6. No need Paul! We are citizens of the internet 😊


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