Posted by: John Looker | 4 October, 2019

How did we get here, where are we heading?


       Untruth is the smiling genie

       Imprisoned in the lamp

       Whispering ‘release me!

       That I may be your slave’


© John Looker 2019


Updated on Sunday 8 December – four days from the British general election – in a mood of despondency.

Original post in October:

This year’s National Poetry Day has had the theme of Truth. I’m a bit worried about truth or the lack of it in public life at present and thought I’d try to catch this in a few lines of verse.


  1. Or is it our master?

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  2. It looks like an adage! It looks like a poem! It’s very true! It works!


  3. Hi Bruce. Thank you for that – I like your take on it!


  4. Hi John,

    Brief as it is, your poem speaks volumes. With dodgy statistics, political chicanery and downright “porkies”, has there ever been a less truthful age than this? Seems to me the spider spinning a web of deceit is just as trapped as the fly.




    • Yes, you are so right Paul. And the urgent question is how do we get out of all this!


  5. Very succinct, John!


    • Thanks Tom. I was reading your Iceland poem just now – most effective. J


  6. Provocative, succinct and a good thought stimulant!
    Yes, genie our problem is that we all interpret what we hear, see or learn though the lenses of our personal prejudices and experiences. So yes, we may not be able to differentiate your smiling face of untruth from hidden truths.


    • Hello Jane, and thank you. I think the genie has been temporarily shamed by your reproaches!


  7. John, I think you caught “untruth” very well! (You’re right, there is too much of it around these days.)


  8. Thanks a lot Betty. I’m glad you like it!


  9. So clever, John. Unimprovable. N.

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