Posted by: John Looker | 26 July, 2015

The Human Hive: now available for Kindle

Bennison Books

John Looker

John Looker’s poetry collection, The Human Hive, recently published by Bennison Books, is now available for Kindle.

The theme of the collection is our humanity, seen through the lens of human work in all its forms. One of the most intriguing sections is the author’s exploration of the ‘states of mind’ that we can all experience through work. These are portrayed via a range of very different individuals, from an ambassador and caretaker to a clown and ploughman.

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  1. Bennison Books have been such a supportive publisher. I’m immensely grateful. Of course they have also brought other writers to publication too: poetry, fiction and nonfiction. My own book, as a paperback, has already been bought in ten countries — which is a wonderful tribute to Bennison Books’ reach.


    • Ten countries John? Wow! But you are a significant poet.

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      • Well, you have always been most encouraging Thomas, and thank you.


  2. Wonderful to work with you on this, John.

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  3. thanks for reading my poetry through the years. i am looking forward to downloading your book! congrats!


    • I enjoy your poetry and I look out for it. Hope you enjoy the book!


  4. I love the book. Good poetry!


  5. Hearty congratulations, John, and thank you for your observations on my blog. They mean a lot, especially from a writer of your gifts.


  6. Your header photo…

    Bamburgh, I think (?). Very topical!


    • Not quite: Dunstanburgh, the other castle just down the coast. We had an extended family reunion in Northumberland a few years ago and this photo, by my son, caught my imagination.

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      • Nice photo, and remarkably similar to ‘Bebbanburg’. I trust you’re enjoying The Last Kingdom as much as I am.


        • Sadly no, we’ve missed the start of this, and I’ve read good reviews too!

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          • It’s on iPlayer if you want to catch up.


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