Posted by: John Looker | 15 March, 2015

Inside The Human Hive: Master Baker

“It’s two in the morning when he arrives,
the hour that shouldn’t exist … ”
– once again, thank you Bennison Books for reviewing this poem in your article below:

Bennison Books

We love TV dramas set in the emergency unit of hospitals or out on patrol with the police and we watch documentaries about truck drivers in the frozen north and social workers in inner cities. We like seeing people at work. But we don’t expect to read about the world of work in poetry.

imagesLooking through poetry anthologies, we can find poems about love and death, God and nature, but only occasionally about people at work: there’s a catalogue of pioneering trades in Song of the Broad-Axe by Walt Whitman, while Philip Larkin gave us commercial travellers and Sylvia Plath beekeepers. There is also a poem by Vicki Feaver portraying her mother making crab apple jelly. But generally speaking, work is a rare subject in poetry.

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  1. Loved the poem John. Made me think of the boulangerie in the French village where I have a house


  2. You’re welcome. It’s a wonderful poem. 🙂


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