Posted by: John Looker | 7 March, 2015

Inside The Human Hive: three poems

“Let’s spin the globe, spin it towards the sun —
slowly now — we’re looking for a likely place … “. Thank you Bennison Books for exploring this poem in your article.

Bennison Books


John Looker’s first collection of poetry, The Human Hive, was published by Bennison Books in January. It’s available at Amazon UK and

The cover photograph, by the professional American photographer, Terry Ownby, shows a colourful line of beehives in an open, rolling landscape: a sign of human activity – ancient, organised, determined – against a timeless and boundless background of grasslands, hills and sky. Colored bee hives along the Portnuef River near Chesterfield, Idaho.

This image captures the essence of The Human Hive, a highly original sequence of poems that explore our daily lives as we struggle to get by; the emotional experiences encountered through work; and the place of humankind on our planet.

Celebrating archetypal forms of human work

In this short series, we’ll showcase three of the poems, starting with the opening poem in ‘Part One, Spinning the World’, Raiding the Deep. It opens with these lines:

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  1. Hi John,
    Your book arrived yesterday. Really looking forward to reading it. Already I love the cover design!


    • That’s splendid Tom. Thanks. I’m hoping you decide it was a fiver well spent!


  2. Beautiful poem John. They’ve done you proud


  3. I really like how Deborah broke this poem down and explored it John. I’m on my second reading of your book know and as I often find from reading more than once, I’m getting new and different perspectives. I think we often need to get to know a poem if that makes sense,more maybe I mean get to know the author a little more 😊


    • What a wonderful compliment, that you’re reading the book again! Thank you Christine.


  4. John, I finally got my review of The Human Hive upon on This is a major site for American readers, and I recommended the book to those who follow me. I’m not sure it will result in any sales, but who knows?


    • You are immensely kind Thomas. I’ve looked up your review and can see that you must have read The Human Hive very closely, which is most flattering, and then you have taken great pains to write a comprehensive and intuitive review. I really do appreciate that — profoundly. Thank you. All the best, John.


  5. Hi John, I didn’t know you had a book published! I shall do my best to buy it. (If it is on Dutch Amazon, it will be easy 🙂 ) Wonderful news 🙂 Congratulations!


    • No such luck 😦 Maybe you could ask the publisher to also make them available on


      • Hello Ina. I’ll speak to Bennison Books about a euro sales channel. I know someone in Italy managed to get a copy. Perhaps from Amazon UK. Postage in the EU is all the same price. But if you give me your address I’ll get one for you and repost it. 🙂


      • I’ll ask them Ina. I know someone in Italy got a copy — perhaps from Amazon UK – it’s all EU postage I suppos. But I’ll get you a copy and post it if you send me your address.


        • That is very kind of you, thank you! Sending a mail 🙂


  6. i received your book in the mail today
    John. I’m looking forward to diving in.


    • Thank you Fred. I’m honoured. I hope you enjoy it.


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