Posted by: John Looker | 18 February, 2015

Author interview: John Looker

Deborah Bennison is not only a meticulous editor and encouraging publisher, she’s a canny interviewer too: she tempted me to say more than I felt inclined to in this interview.

Bennison Books

Bennison Books recently published John Looker’s first volume of poetry, The Human Hive, a brilliant and original exploration of life and work through millennia. Inhabiting both male and female personas, his poetry takes us across continents and through time, capturing the broad panorama of human history as well as the deeply personal and often moving experiences and emotions of the individuals he depicts. The Human Hive is available at and Amazon UK.

John708e06074a0c78d6104be4f812ee16cbHow long have you been writing poetry?

Since I was old enough to tie my shoelaces, I suppose. And of course in a childish, clumsy manner at first – well, for a very long while I guess. I gave it up in puberty, when I was afraid that poetry was for girls and wimps and was all about daffodils and rose buds. Then I took it up again in late adolescence when I discovered that poets could…

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  1. John you are such a talented poet. I am still very much a beginner in the world of poetry, just finding my way but enjoying the process. Deborahl has been like a mentor to me over the last three years. I found your interview really interesting and wish you had been tempted to reveal more 😊. Your book is just great and I dip in and out of it as it is on my coffee table along with other poetry books


    • Well, you are very generous Christine. You know that I enjoy the poems on your very popular blog —and, like others, I am looking forward to your own book coming out shortly.


  2. This is a wonderful interview, John. I love the tantalizing glimpses into the life behind the poet, and that whooshing train analogy–yes, that’s the Muse! 🙂


  3. Ha ha: the Muse arrives by train! I bet she doesn’t buy a ticket …


  4. love your train coming out of a tunnel analogy 🙂 great interview!


  5. Really enjoyed the interview John. I have to get a copy soon. I’m quite the procrastinator


    • Hello Fred. Don’t worry — there’s no ‘best by’ or shelf-life date 🙂


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