Posted by: John Looker | 5 February, 2013

Sending Shivers Down the Spine

"Chromosaturation" - installation by by Carlos Cruz-Diez


Sending Shivers Down the Spine


Prince of the senses,

sight conquers at once – but much

may be said for touch.


© John Stevens 2013

Just a quick response to the exhibition “Light Show” at the Haywood Gallery on London’s South Bank. The exhibition is a glorious treat: many of the light sculptures and installations are beautiful, breath-taking, amazing.



  1. Hi John, that show sounds like a wonderful experience. Good poem!


    • It is wonderful Ina – come to London and see it!


  2. 🙂 One day!


  3. Wonderful John,

    A haiku which really works.

    That sounds like a fascinating show



  4. It certainly was David!


  5. John, I’ve taken the liberty of rewriting your haiku. Do feel free to hit the delete button. Some might consider it a trifle immature.
    On reflection, art
    to see is perfection. But art
    to touch…erection!
    One of my favorite artists working with light is James Terrell. He’s been working out in the desert for years now on a vast earthwork ‘sculpture’, but some of his early work with light was quite beautiful and mysterious. (Not to say his work in the desert is not about light. It surely is.)


    • That beats mine Jim – but I’m consoled to think that I inspired you!
      I think I’ve seen something of James Terrell on TV.


  6. It delights me to read a Haiku by you, so short and distinct. How I wish I could see that exhibit, too.


    • Thanks Anna – I’m sure you would relish the exhibition.


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