Posted by: John Looker | 8 October, 2010


I’ve added a second since the first posting.

And now a third and final one:



Autumn as usual.
We know these golds, ambers, reds;
so why do they thrill?


Raking fallen leaves
that litter the long wet grass,
one jumps. It’s a frog! 


Yellow leaves take flight,
starlings float against the sky,
and the years drift by.

© John Stevens 2010


  1. The first one is brilliant. A little curious perhaps. The second one is shocking! haha.


    • Thanks a lot Brad. I jumped as much as the frog!


  2. Very nice indeed, John; you’ve packed a lot if ideas into seventeen syllables, which is what this form (one of my favourites) is all about. And FWIW, I’ve never thought your poems are too long; personally, I enjoy every word!


    • Thanks Nick. We seem to have been reading each other’s blogs at the same time by chance today. Let’s hear more about those tractors, a much neglected source of inspiration in poetry!


  3. Really like your new ones, John – absooutely true to the haiku tradition.


  4. I love the frog one. The word “litter” is so wonderful here.


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