Posted by: John Looker | 29 April, 2010


It’s time for a new poem about a new season of the year. This is, clearly, a poem from the northern hemisphere. I hope I’ve got the natural science right but if not perhaps someone would kindly correct me.



At last the world is tilting again to the south,
letting the sunlight finger the cells of plants,
pressing a switch, re-booting the year,
 and the days
erupt with blossom and the foraging of bees.

The ground 
is steadily warming. Out from their cold
crevices and holes, from egg and mysterious pupa,
come insects: brimstone butterflies like flakes of the sun
courting, iron-clad beetles, and myriad creatures
moving to the call of the season,

miniature, purposeful, sentient. But there are toads too,
crouching under the shrubs in their khaki fatigues,
continuous taut muscle from toes to tongue,
 scanning the micro-terrain of the garden
with the eyes of marksmen.

 are squaring up to each other, sparring,
patrolling their boundaries, their voices
 less of a song
than a bugle call, while rival pairs
 of blue-tits,
such nervous buyers, make their repeated visits
to the vacant nesting box.

And now in the dawn the vixen enters, slipping
under the fence, silent as the dew, crossing
the lawn and the flowerbeds, following invisible
paths of scent, stalking, fiercely maternal,
to feed her cubs.

The days lengthen,
hinting at warmer evenings to come.
But the young, impatient, rush into summer plumage
(look at my T-shirt! check out my jeans!)
and the streets erupt with running and whistling,
with banter and shouts of laughter.

The world has moved on in its orbit and, yes,
spring is unleashed.

© John Stevens 2010

The idea for this came partly from reading a poem about autumn by José Ruy P. de Castro; see “It’s Fall” on WordPress at


  1. A very expressive poem, vivid and detailed – I love the image of blue-tits as ‘nervous buyers’ – with a real sense of the world coming back to life. Lovely work.


  2. Many thanks! It’s good of you to take the time to read this, and I’m grateful for your comment. I hope people will visit your own site because I think they will enjoy it.


  3. I must say, this is some of the best language I’ve seen to describe the spring. Very creative imagery and shows some real insight into what goes on with the flora and fauna as seasons change. Great work.


  4. I feel very honored for having my poem inspiring such a wonderful piece like this. I love your poems, John.


    • Thanks José Ruy. Yes, I liked the way your poem celebrated the fall with exuberance, and it gave me ideas for one about the spring.


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