Posted by: John Looker | 22 November, 2009




“Gentlemen, never before has our Ithaca Rotary Club
Seen such illustrious guests here in our nondescript pub.
Friends, let us welcome our speaker: Odysseus! Kindly if stern.
Famously valiant. General. Admiral. On the return
Homewards from Troy …”

                     … at the hero’s side, and without much joy,
sits Penelope, her mind drifting:
others, after the war, the victory, had sailed for home;
not he; as so often he’d gone off raiding;
then living with the woman Calypso for seven silent years;
as for the man with one eye, and even
the girls singing to sailors … well !

                                                               “… Sir, you impel
Citizens, countrymen, all, to revere you. We eagerly wait
Vivid accounts of your glorious deeds as you struggled with Fate.
Fearless in danger! Immune to distraction! And picture the scene:
Lady Penelope, harried by suitors at home, her extreme
Distress …”

                     … ah, she thinks, yes, those suitors, my suitors …
well, Yes.



© John Stevens 2009




  1. Clever, clever.


  2. Hilarious!


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